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Martes, Setyembre 18, 2012

                                           What is PTC = Paid to click?

Translating to our Portuguese would be something like "Pay per click" or you get paid to click sites. Say you have a business on the internet put together a site registered a domain ( but now what to do and for people to see your online business? That's where the fall of Ptc sites that are mostly advertising companies who in turn pay users for those entering the sites advertised, usually pay pennies for each visit. How it works?
1 - If you register on the site PTC To register follow the instructions below * Username: * Password User: Password * Confirm Password: Confirm Password * Email Address: Email Address * Confirm Email Address: Confirm Your Email * Alertpay E-mail Address For Payments: e-mail to register on alertpay * Your Country: Country * Referer: Rodrigoscheffer - This usually appears automatically enter Rodrigoscheffer case does not appear to be my vc indicated.
2 - Go to the area where the links should be called "ads", "show ads", "Click ads" or something like that.
3 - Has a number of links diaries, click one, and it will open with a countdown, and then wait for it to finish will show some kind of symbol saying ja can close the window, it may be a "V" in green , a "$", the word "DONE" or anything else.
4 - How to count finished click another link list and open a new window with the countdown. Each time you do that the money will be deposited into your account on the site. Note: You can not click on a link more than once per day, the second attempt will get the message that it has already been clicked, or after the countdown the red X will appear.

What is referral?

Referrals means "indicated". In PTC Sites indicates you people using your referral link, that goes for you to earn a percentage of what your referrals earn, and so you can profit much more quickly, for example if a site gives you 100% of referrals means indicated that its everything a profit in one day, you will earn an equivalent amount, or if you indicate one person and he earns $ 0.10 per day, you also earn $ 0.10 per day, you can refer as many people as you want. How to nominate someone? Search the site your referral link "Your referral link" or something like "Referral Link" Your link will be something like:

Can I create multiple accounts on the same PTC?

No! They have a system that detects if you ta creating multiple accounts specified by you! And you can not create any other account on the same PC as well, even if that is not your other account statement.

What is cashout / payout?

Cashout Payout is and when you reach the minimum amount to be able to ask to send money, for example if the cashout / payout of a site for $ 1, you'll need to reach at least $ 1 to be able to withdraw the money.

What is SCAM?

Scams are false PTC sites, they do not pay you, the kind that say paying a fortune per click, new sites that have many clicks per day are also great candidates scam.

How to get money from PTC Sites?

Every PTC site, when you register for will ask for your email account at Virtual Bank , which can either Paypal or Alertpay or Payza or liberty reserve as  so they can pay the money.